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23 November 2016

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As you All know that I always try to present the best brands on my blog and share them with you. Here is what I have found best product for any skin problems like dark skin, pigmentation, acne scars, dark spots, dark circles, wrinkles and many more all in one combo pack of Suhani Serum and Capsules of Eherbcart. Eherbcart is Ecommerce platform for all herbal and 100% natural products. One of their Regular customer namely Rakshya Shetty 23 years old from Bangalore shared her experience with me. I thought it is worth sharing with you all.


“Since I was 16 years old, I have been suffering from severe pimples, and my skin was extremely oily, and this lead to acne problems and acne scars. Dull and scarred skin had undoubtedly been my major concern. I abhorred looking in the mirror because my face had scars, pimples and dull and oily skin used to give me nightmares. A new pimple popping up every alternate day accompanying had become quite depressing for me.


I fretted encountering people, old school friends, the guy next door whom I always had a crush on and my colleagues. None of them failed to point at the same anxieties of mine. They had been suggesting and advising things. Their pity, sympathy and their very approach towards me had been disheartening for me. I was barely 23 and victim of severe skin problems which started affecting my life to a huge extent. People did not give me the attention I deserved or was worth of. I was spiraling down emotionally and had no strand of confidence left within me. I stopped looking in the mirror. I was at a deplorable plight. Self-belief or confidence was a rare idea, and I did not even want to face myself.


I had tried every other thing, following advice, homemade remedies, following YouTube tutorials, using every other ointment and cream and had even visited a dermatologist. Nothing was helping, it was disastrous not only for me but also for my skin, aggravating the already persisting issues. It was then through the advice of my colleague I came across Suhani’s Serum and capsule. I started applying this lightweight serum. This was working wonders. I was bewildered and extremely happy. Nothing had worked for me as much as Suhani had. Suhani’s products had no breakouts or any other repercussions. My skin was changing for the better. Within a week I had seen the results, it was dynamic. My oily skin was no more popping up with new pimples. The scars and acne spots had started healing.

I have been using this product for the last six months, and I am extremely happy. I consider this product as my holy grail. My skin is better and brighter than before. I have now the confidence which was necessary for a better and easy life. A day without the product is something which I cannot even think of. It has drastically changed my life. People look at my skin and adore it; now my colleagues compliment my skin and my appearance. Even that guy next door had just asked me out. I have now the attention and appraisal of people that I had craved for once. My life has just taken the perfect turn with Suhani. This is recommended to you and for anyone you know who is facing skin problems. This is all that you need to bring about the change.

You may order the Combo from Website

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