8 Ways To Utilise Jojoba Oil For Oily and Dry Skin Issues

With the increase in pollution and unhealthy eating habits, many people are facing a lot of skin problems. To get a relieve from various skin problems Jojoba is recommended. Jojoba oil resembles the sebum produced by the skin glands thus acting as a natural conditioner. This is actively used by the Native Americans.

The 8 significant ways in which one can use Jojoba oil are:

1. Hydrates skin: the substance ceramide which is responsible for skin hydration is found in jojoba. To hydrate, your skin just rubs a few drops of jojoba oil every day before sleeping.

2. Controls oil production: when the sebaceous gland becomes overactive, the production of oil increases jojoba oil helps in controlling it. To make this work massage your skin every day with jojoba oil and rinse it after 15 minutes with water and face wash.

3. Gets rid of acne: using jojoba oil to prevent acne helps to cleanse the skin and even get rid of the blockage of the hair follicle.

4. Heals chapped lips: mix a drop of jojoba oil with some melted beeswax and store the mixture. This can be used to moisturise the lips.

5. Soothes eczema: eczema is a problem which causes a dry patch of skin that itch. This problem can be solved by using jojoba oil which is rich antioxidants helps to heal the skin.

6. Heals sunburns: when the skin is exposed to fun for a larger duration, there are chances of sunburns. One can get rid of it by applying jojoba oil regularly on the affected area. This is because the oil is rich in vitamin E and B – complex.

7. Anti-aging: using jojoba oil daily in your face wash and moisturiser can help you to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles.

8. Cleanses skin: jojoba oil acts as a cleanser as well. It can be used as a makeup remover too. All you need to do is soak some cotton in jojoba oil and rub it over your face. This would not only remove the makeup but would even aid getting rid of the skin impurities.

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